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Locomo and children


“Locomo = locomotive syndrome” refers to a state in which motor function such as standing, walking, sitting, etc. has deteriorated due to a disorder of the musculoskeletal system such as bones, joints, and muscles.

Speaking of Locomo, there is a perception of it as being a problem of elderly people.
However, in recent years, “pre-Locomo” is increasing among children.

Hits face on the ground without placing hands protectively when falling
Feet get stuck quickly
Can’t throw a ball
Sways when trying to stand on one leg
Can’t use clothespins

It seems that cases of these children are on the rise.

40% of children have Locomo

During the period from 2010 to 2013, a total of 1343 children from kindergarten to junior high school students were checked for exercise function by performing the following four actions, and 40% of children were unable to perform more than one action.

1, Can you stand on one leg without swaying for 5 seconds or longer?
2, Can you crouch? (Don’t stop on the way down, don’t raise your heel, don’t fall over backward)
3, Can you raise both arms vertically? (to behind the ear)
4, Can you bend forward with knees straight, so your fingers can easily touch the floor?

In addition, the number of children with broken bones is increasing.
The incidence of fracture in junior high and high school students seems to have increased more than threefold in 2011 compared with 1970 (from the statistics of the Japan Sports Promotion Center).

Children who “Don’t exercise”, or “Perform the same exercise exclusively”

Why is the number of children with pre-Locomo increasing?
In their background, they spend a long time using games, the Internet, smartphone, etc., and time for playing outside is sometimes decreased.
There are also indications that the incidence of increased fractures overlaps with the period when portable game machines have spread among children. Nowadays, not only game machines but also smartphones have spread, and time to play outside is increasingly reduced.
Therefore, bones, joints, muscles and other orthopedic structures may not be developed or not have developed sufficiently.

On the other hand, there are also pre-Locomo cases among children who participate actively in sports.
Even though a child may do a great deal of exercise, if you are doing only specific exercises, there will be an imbalance in the muscles used, and there is a risk that the unused functions will decline or that the balance will become worse.

In any case, there is a problem with the diversity of movement in everyday life decreasing.

Locomo prevention starts from childhood

In response to these facts, “state of severity” was added to the list of school health examinations from fiscal 2016.

Peaks of bone and muscle volume are said to occur in the 20s to 30s.
Childhood and the teens are important times to foster.
If you become pre-Locomo as an adult, there is a possibility that dysfunction of the orthopedic structure will present at as young an age as the 30’s or 40’s.

Can I keep standing on one leg for 5 seconds?
Can I squat down completely while my feet are flat on the floor?

Locomo prevention, and Locomo examination, begins at childhood.
At any age, moving your body is still important.

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