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What is primary care?


Have you ever heard of the term ‘primary care’?

‘It is comprehensive medicine by your family doctor (mostly medical practictioner) who looks after you and consults with you about everything, in comparison to specialty care at large hospital.’

In the definition by The National Institute for Japanese Language suggesting ‘hospital terms’ to be easier to understand, ‘primary’ has several meanings, but ‘primary’ for ‘primary care’ means ‘the first’.

Primary care is when you first visit when you are not feeling well physically or mentally, such as when you’ve caught a cold, when you suddenly feel sick, or when the pain doesn’t go away.

When you are not feeling well, when you have anxiety about your health or illness, which doctor you want to see first?

・Easy to visit
・Can build a good relationship with the doctor
・Have good collaboration with other medical institutions and care welfare.
・Consult about everythihg
・Protect good health in all areas.

Above 5 are mentioned as characteristics of primary care by ‘Japanese Version of Primary Care Assessment Tool Research Group’ who have researched the conditions of good primary care doctors.

Stay close and listen to the patient, and answer on worries regarding various health issues. That is surely a condition which can not be missd by primary care.
However, as for patients, they may be wanting primary care doctors who have specialties in relevant symptoms and illness.

Medical Mall Takanawa consists of several clinics within a medical mall.
Doctors with different specialties will see patients one on one, work on treatment, and cooperate with other clinic doctors and neighboring hospitals when needed.
If you are not feeling well, if you have anxiety on your health (for the people who need primary care) – we want to be a place where you can always feel safe.

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