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What is 40% of Japan, 60% of Korea, 80% of the United States …?


Japan ① 41%, ② 42%
Korea ① 62%, ② 67%
US ① 80%, ② 83%

What do you think this is?
Japan is lower than neighboring South Korea, which is quite low compared with the United States.

The correct answer is (1) the participation rate of breast cancer screening, and (2) the participation rate of cervical cancer screening.

① is the percentage of women between 50 and 69 years old receiving breast cancer screening within the past 2 years.
② is the percentage of women between 20 and 69 years old receiving cervical cancer screening within the past 3 years.
Both are based on the statistical data published by OECD.
(See: “OECD.Stat” http://stats.oecd.org/index.aspx?DataSetCode=HEALTH_STAT)

In Japan, both are 40%, less than half, but in Korea it is 60% and in the US it exceeds 80%. Even if you look at the situation in other Western countries, most of them have reached 70 to 80%.
In fact, compared to Western countries, Japan is lagging behind in the advancement of cancer screening.

There are also differences in structures in regard to the system of cancer screening.
For example, in the UK and Northern Europe, “organized examination” is implemented.

To explain what organized examination is, it is to

· Clarify the target group (age range, etc.)
· Create a list of names of the target individuals
· Use the list to provide medical consultation information and encourage those people who did not come to an appointment to consult again, and also to confirm that those who were suspected by medical examination of having cancer are undergoing detailed examination
· Evaluate whether high-quality cancer screening is being maintained at the centers where cancer screenings are conducted – evaluation to be implemented by local municipal authority
· Create a database of examination to verify whether the cancer screening has contributed to the reduction of cancer mortality rate
Under such a system, cancer examinations are implemented.

Also in Japan, the introduction of such organized cancer screening is being studied.

Japan has also been considering such implementation, but above all, it is important to have each individual be aware of their health and be aware of “prevention”.

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